Educational and Training Services

Course Objectives:
These courses provide a one on one comprehensive training in the clinical management and laboratory practices of IVF and Genetics.First Course:
Part 1:
“Hands on Assisted Reproductive Technology (IVF / ICSI) and Lectures about all the followings:
• Quality control
• Semen analysis and preparation
• Freezing and warming for semen sample,TESE and FNA
• Opservation of TESE & FNA..
• Oocyte collection
• Oocyte denudation.
• Scoring fertilization & embryo grading.
• E.T
• Assisted hatching.
• Media preparation.
Course Duration:
• Participants receive one month

Part 2:
Verification and warming of embryos.
Course Duration:
Participants receive (2-3) daysSecond Course:
Cyto genetics – Blood and tissue chromosomal analysis
• Sample culture
• Harvest
• Dropping
• Staining
• Analysis
Course Duration:
• Not less than 3 months

Third Course:
• Embryo biopsy on Day 3
• Fixation
• Reading (FISH)
Course Duration:
• Participants receive three weeks.

Each Participant Will Receive:
– Comprehensive course manual.
– Recommendation letter in training