As for the naming of the way ripening eggs outside the body (IVM) is derived from the Latin word (In Vitro), which means “outside the womb” and the word (Maturatio) any ripening, and in this way, the eggs are immature or “cells ovale” withdraw from the ovary to is انضاجها in the laboratory before the vaccinated animal sperm and then returned to the uterus.

In the method of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) it is activated ovaries injected hormones to produce the largest possible number of eggs that grow inside the ovary then taken mature eggs from the ovary to pollinate artificially sperm in the laboratory.

This technique is the newest programs in the field of fertilization outside the body and we are proud that we are in the center of fertilization, we were pioneers in genetics applied at the level of Jordan and the Middle East, recorded cases of quality achieved by these high rates of success until the completion of the birth.

The maturation of eggs outside the body (IVM) a promising way will be best in the future to tube baby, where they differ in the way the mature egg outside the body (IVM) for a way tube baby (IVF) in اختلافين basic two safety and costs, in technical tube baby to be subject to injection for

Since the method of ripening eggs outside the body (IVM) need to daily injections for a very simple 3 – 4 days only and doses reduced, and therefore no risk of infection syndrome hyper-ovulation, which can be one of the strongest complications tube baby danger to the lives of women.

In addition to the technology is mature oocytes outside the body (IVM) easier, in terms of the way hormonal treatment and preparation of the process, it is also less expensive on a couple of traditional tube baby technique, where the amount of steroids used are very limited in terms of quantity and duration.

At present method of IVM is one of the most important methods of therapeutic experiencing PCOS patients who underwent conventional fertilization processes previously did not work well for patients with severe weakness in the ovary.
How is the technology mature oocytes outside the body?

• withdraw immature oocytes, after inciting a simple and small amounts of steroids by ultrasound “Turasaund” from the ovaries.

• The maturation of the egg in the laboratory for 24 – 48 hours.

• The enrichment of eggs that matured after this period, in most cases using ICSI technique of the egg (ICSI).

• After 3-4 days of enrichment, are re-fertilized eggs “embryos” to the uterus. And given medication and stabilizers for analysis until the date of pregnancy.

Professor opinion «Robert Edwards»
Who helped the birth of Louis Brown, the first baby in the world pipe

“I think in this way an integrated solution and less expensive, in fact they represent a new era for the IVF technique, which I think IVM technology will be replaced .. . ”